Water vs. Dirt


Water vs. Dirt
Fish, Bacteria, and Plants
Build a System
How it Works
Water is a fascinating thing.  It can grow things, and is liquid.  Dirt on the other hand, is solid and damp, but also grows plants.  Which one is better?  It's up to you!  I like water because it is a calm fluid and you can grow plants anywhere at any time!




        Gardening in dirt, in some ways, is better than water.  You can grow anything in dirt including things that grow underground like potatoes and carrots.  Thereís also less equipment (pumps, siphons, etc.) to worry about.  You donít need to buy tanks or build anything.

        Gardening in water with aquaponics, in some ways, is better than gardening in dirt.  I prefer water because I like the feel of water, I like to work with it, and aquaponics is a fun hobby.   With aquaponics, you can grow fish and plants at the same time, and you only need to feed the fish.  You also can build your system off the ground so you donít have to bend over, or get your hands dirty.  Aquaponics uses much less space than gardening in dirt.  You can set up your system almost anywhere like in your backyard or on your patio, balcony, and even indoors.