Water vs. Dirt
Fish, Bacteria, and Plants
Build a System
How it Works


1.  Why is it better to grow plants in an Aquaponics system than in the ground?

    a.  You can make the system waist level so you don't have to bend down.

    b.  You don't have to dig and get dirt everywhere.

    c.  You can grow fish and plants to eat.

    d.  All of the above.


2.  What are the important living things in an aquaponics system?

    a.  Bacteria, plants, and algae.

    b.  Plants, fish, and algae.

    c.  Fish, bacteria, and plants.

    d.  Bacteria, plants, and monkeys.


3.  How do bacteria help in an aquaponics system?

    a.  Bacteria make food for the fish.

    b.  Bacteria are not important in an aquaponics system.

    c.  Bacteria turn ammonia into nitrate for the plants to use.

    d.  Bacteria help pump the water.


4.  What does the pump in our system do?

    a.  Shoot water in the air.

    b.  Move water from the upper tank to the lower tank.

    c.  Moves water in the fish tank for oxygen.

    d.  Moves water from the lower tank to the upper tank.


5.  How do algae eater fish help an aquaponics system?

    a.  They eat the fish food to make food for the plants.

    b.  They eat the extra roots from the plants.

    c.  They eat algae on the walls of the tank and make ammonia for the bacteria.

    d.  They don't really help an aquaponics system.


6.  Click on two things that you can't grow in an aquaponics system.

    a.  Tomatoes.

    b.  Potatoes.

    c.  Carrots.

    d.  Basil.

    e.  Flowers.


7.  Click on the ways that aquaponics helps the environment.

    a.  You can make food at your house and do not have to use fuel to bring it from far away.

    b.  You don't need bad chemicals to spray on the plants.

    c.  Aquaponics takes very little space and can be done anywhere.

    d.  Aquaponics creates more carbon dioxide in the air.