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Growing and growing into a bountiful harvest.  "Hi there, want to try some of these?

An excellent lettuce plant - save it for a salad at dinnertime! 

Wow!!!  It's growing great.  Roots are helping the plants hang in there!
Step 10: We just placed the plants into the foam piece.  It's floating in the water above the fish!
It looks good and strong, and I can't wait to eat it! 
Oh, my!   It looks like its running!  (Never grow a carrot in an aquaponics system) I'm warning you, it might not be pretty.
Harvest all your plants to savor and snack on - a nice plate of homegrown food!
Step 8:  Put the seedlings into the bed of lava rocks.

        Many plants that you would like to eat, may be grown in an aquaponics system.  Recommended foods to grow in your system are lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, bananas, squash, okra, melon, pepper, peas, beans, and all kinds of herbs.  Some foods you canít grow in an aquaponics system, include plants that grow underground such as carrots, taters, garlic, and onions.  In our system, we grew Manoa lettuce, cherry tomatoes, basil, Zinnia flowers, and a carrot.  You canít get more organic than fresh grown food straight from your garden!  

How to grow the plants:

1.  We bought peat pellets from a gardening store.

2.  Next, we put the pellets in water to make the pellets grow. 

3.  We bought lettuce seeds we wanted to grow because we wanted salad for dinner.

4.  We poked a small hole at the top and in the middle of each of the pellets.

5.  We tucked three seeds into the holes in the peat pellets and covered them up. 

6.  Then, we put them in a container in our house to sprout and watered them when needed. 

7.  After a few days, some the seeds sprouted.

8.  We put them in the Aquaponics system to grow by digging a small hole in the lava rock bed and putting the seedling with the peat pellet in the hole. 

9.  After the plants grow bigger, we put the plants in a net pot filled with lava rocks.

10.  We put the net pots in the foam sheet that we cut with holes big enough to hold them.  These plants float on top of the water of the fish tank.

11.  It took about 6 weeks until the lettuce grew large enough to eat.

Some plants grew better than others.  Lettuce grew well and there were no problems.  We tried to grow tomatoes, but they tasted kind of sour.  We also didnít have a cover, so they got damaged by the wind.  There were also leaf miners eating the leaves.