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How it Works



In our system we used two tanks, a pump, and a siphon.  This is how it works:

1.  The tank with the lava rock and the siphon is set up higher than the other tank.  The plants can be planted in the lava rock.

2.  The lower tank is where the fish live and there is a pump that pumps the water up to the higher tank.

3.  The higher tank fills with water and then a siphon makes the water drain into the lower tank.  The upper tank fills and drains into the lower tank 24 hours a day.

4.  When the water drains into the lower tank, it splashes and adds oxygen to the water for the fish.

5.  There’s also Styrofoam floating on top of the water in the lower tank.  There are holes in the Styrofoam where the plants are placed in net pots. 

Next, please see the Plants section!  



Step 5:  Yummy!  Lettuce! The styrofoam floats on the water in the fish tank.

Step 3: The water goes up and down, filling up and sloshing down all day long!

Step 2: This is the fishes home.  The pump pumps the water to the higher tank.

The foam that the lettuce grows in when it's sitting in the water with the fish. 
Step 1: The higher tank with the lava rock and siphon, we're setting it up!
The lava rock that the plants fit in.
Our finished aquaponics.  Doesn't it look great?