Fish, Bacteria, and Plants


Water vs. Dirt
Fish, Bacteria, and Plants
Build a System
How it Works


Bacteria itself is amazing!  These are good bacteria, and they don't make you sick!

 I think that maybe bacteria look like this...


Oh, he's a cute algae eater!  When he's cleaning the dirty walls full of algae, he gets a meal.
Our fish that we have swimming in our aquaponics now!
Home grown-yummy lettuce! 


        Fish, bacteria, and plants are all important parts of the system.  They will help your plants grow much better than in the ground. 

        When you feed the fish, ammonia from the fish goes into the water.  Bacteria make the ammonia into nitrate and then the plants can use the nitrate as food to grow.  The bacteria and plants are helping the fish because if there was too much ammonia or nitrate in the water, the fish could die.  Ammonia and nitrate is also food for algae that can grow on the walls of the tank.  Everything the algae needs is there- sunlight, water, food, and a nice spot to grow.  Unfortunately, algae uses the ammonia and nitrate to grow and there may not be enough for our plants.  So, we went to the store again and released a brand-new algae eater fish to clear up and eat all the algae.  They can polish the tank clean and put ammonia back in the water for the plants to grow.

        Algae eaters have a mouth with a suction cup to hold onto the walls and eat the algae.  Our algae eater has a greenish-brown color to its skin.  It tries to camouflage in our tank but can not because our tank is blue!  It hides under the pump mostly, for nice protection.