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Build a System
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Step 1:  These are the two storage containers that we used for our aquaponics system.
Step 5:  I'm washing the dirty cinder on a window screen.
Step 5:  The cinder and the siphon are now installed in the upper tank.
Step 9:  You add your selected fish in the lower tank filled with water.

Step 7 and 8:  The water is loaded inside with the pump.


This is how we built our aquaponics system in our backyard.


1.  We got two storage containers from our den.

2.  We drilled a hole in the bottom of one storage container.

3.  Then we made a siphon and set it up in the hole on the bottom of the tank.

4.  We bought cinder, which is volcanic rock (only in Hawaii), from Home Depot. 

5.  We washed the cinder and then put it in the box with the siphon. 

6.  Then we set up another tank for the fish below the 1st tank.

7.  We filled the fish container with water.

8.  Then we put the pump in the water. 

9.  Then you add fish to the water.  You may use different kinds, but we used goldfish.


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