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Welcome to Understanding Flowcharts!

Have you ever wondered about the work of computer processors and everything around you? Who are the people behind all this who make technology today so simple for the rest of us to use? A very important aspect in the world of programming is flowcharts. Flowcharts allow programmers and computer engineers to plan out their work and execute it according to plan. They bring ideas and thoughts together to create the technology you desire.

With flowcharting, the work of programming may be laid out visually to display information and logic with focus and clarity. Flowcharts consist of multiple boxes to demonstrate how a program works in a step-by-step sequence. In this website, you will be learning about flowcharts and why they are such an effective tool while used in a programming setting.

To begin learning, use the drop-down menu from the menu bar above under begin learning to select a lesson to start. Each main section is interrupted by a small quiz to test yourself. At the end, you may choose to do a final quiz. After that, you'll be ready to handle any tasks that revolves around the use of flowcharts and its limitless applications.








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