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  The consequential destructions that are brought by earthquakes are often devastating and dreadful. The number of casualties involved during an earthquake always reach the thousands. Aside from the tragic and enormous lose of human lives, the other effects associated with earthquake are also quite catastrophic, such as the devastation to the city's infrastructure, the economical and social structure of the affected region, just to list a few.

  Statistical analysis of data shows that there are on average, about 150 earthquakes with magnitude 6 or higher occur each year on a global scale, which is equivalent to approximately 1 devastating earthquake strikes once every 3 days. Also, there are about 20 earthquakes with magnitude 7 or higher occur annually world wide. Those stastistical data mentioned above may not be very appealing to you. However, you have to realize the fact that for each of those potentially damaging earthquakes, the number of casualties are very significant, often on the interval between a few and a dozen thousands, not to mention the other damages and losses.

The list below summarizes the most significant hazards that are posed by the occurance of earthquakes.







Illustration of the process of liquefaction


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