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Step one: First, the tissue culture flasks were filled with 80 ml of 10 % BBM solution.
Step two: The flasks were labeled accordingly. The first pair of flasks was labeled “Control 1 and 2”. The second pair of flasks was labeled “Sun light detergent 1 and 2”. The third pair of flasks was labeled “No Name 1 and 2”. The last pair of flasks was labeled “Tide detergent 1 and 2”.
Step three: An Analytical balance was used to weigh 1.38 grams of each detergent. A spatula was used to scoop the detergent. Each was then placed in a small jar. This step was done twice to have a back up measurement of each detergent, in case something wrong happens while doing the experiment.
Step four: After measuring, each of the detergent was added in 100 ml of hot mineral water (to dissolved detergent faster) and mixed with a stir stick.
Step five: The flasks, without tops, and the detergent solution were left sitting, at room temperature, overnight.
Step six: Then 2 ml of Chlorella Kessleri Algae was added in each flask using a medicine dropper.
Step seven: The two flasks with the name “Control” are not going to be receiving any detergent, so they were put aside. In the next pair of flasks labeled “Sunlight detergent 1 and 2”, 5 drops of Sunlight detergent solution were added using a dropper. In the next pair labeled “Tide detergent 1 and 2”, 5 drops of Tide detergent solution were added using a dropper. Then in the last pair of flasks labeled, “No Name detergent 1 and 2”, 5 drops of the No Name detergent solution were added. * Note a new clean dropper was used every time a new kind of detergent was added to each corresponding flasks.*
Step eight: At night, the flasks were left under a fluorescent bulb and moved to a sunlit glass door in the morning for the algae to grow. The algae were left to grow for four days before measuring the dissolve oxygen of each flask.
Step nine: The oxygen level was measured in each flask, after 4 days, using a dissolved oxygen meter. Data about how each algae flask looked everyday was recorded in a notebook and pictures were taken as well.