By: Zander Brais Robotic Surgery
     Robots are slowly taking over the world of surgery. Why? There are numerous reasons. For one, the machines have higher precision and more stable “hands and fingers”. They will not tie large knots with thick sutures and will not cut into healthy, normal tissues. Secondly, infections are less likely. Since these robotic surgeons do not need to insert large incisions in the body, depending on the robot, only a couple miniature holes need to be cut, thus, allowing minimal infection. The insides are not exposed to any bacteria and recovery time is now shortened. As well, with great cuts and openings there is more pain afterwards, so pain would be reduced too if the incisions were smaller.
Along with the many positive aspects of robotic surgery, there are also many possible risks and negative outcomes. Such risks can be simple like, power outages, computer crashes, various other electric problems, elevated costs and the size. Hospitals now have backup generators and amazing computer systems so most of these problems are gone, yet the cost still remains an issue.

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