Ice: A Slippery Topic
Project Info
Grade Category: 10-12
Team Size: 2
Subject Area: Chemistry
Project Type: Experimental
Language: English
This project was designed to investigate some properties of ice and water and to learn how “salt” melts ice.  The purpose of the experiment was to determine the effectiveness of commercial ice melters.
Software Tools: Microsoft Word, iWeb, Cyberduck (FTP program for Mac OSX)
Hardware Tools: Digital Camera
Source of the Idea for the Project:
This winter brought record-low temperatures, plummeting snow and freezing rain to Canada.  Despite making the country a winter wonderland, the season made roads and streets into slippery and dangerous sheets of ice.  Usually, a mixture of rock salt and gravel is used to melt the ice and provide more friction.  Unfortunately, there were rock salt shortages this winter.