Garden BowlExperiments in Organic Agriculture  Plums, Apples, Sage etc.

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As a young organic farmer, I have had many questions about the best ways to do this or that. Many of these, my family and I were able to find out by asking more experienced farmers, researching in books, or the internet. However, some were unable to be answered in those ways. Then, there were other questions of no major importance that I just wanted to test, since I also love the sciences. For many of these unanswered questions I developed experiments to test if I was correct or to find out what worked the best.

This particular science experiment will always be a work in progress as I, my family and friends find new questions and try new things. All of these experiments were done in climate zone 8 in the Capital Regional District (CRD) of British Columbia.

What is Organic Agriculture:

Organic Agriculture is just agriculture that is done in a healthy and environmentally sound manner - no pesticides, herbicides, GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) etc. The best form is Certified Organic; to be certified organic you have to apply to get a 3rd party certification agency to investigate your farm and certify it to be organic. Unfortunately in the last decade, with many farms doing an Organic version of Agri-bussiness, the standards have been watered down to allow more products, many of which are toxic and used to be banned.

Team Information:

This "team" is just me, Nicholas vanGinkel Wilde. I am 16 and am in SIDES (South Island Distance Education School) taking Biology 11 and doing advanced courses. I am a young organic farmer in the CRD of British Columbia. If you have any comments on this website and it's experiment you can email me at