To Burn Or Not To Burn:
A Look at Alternative Energy Resources

First of all, we- on behalf of the faculty of Bishop McNally High School- would like to officially welcome you to our website regarding Renewable Energy Resources. As you might have known, there have been a number of environmental issues associated with the usage of fossil fuels, such as: gasoline, coal, natural gas, diesel and etc. Hence, our main objective is not to stop you from utilizing such products, but to inform of its impact on society, including a list of- both- renewable and non-renewable resources' advantages, disadvantages, controversial aspects, efficiency, and its availability throughout the world.


To provide spectators with a detailed outlook in regards to the various energy resources available, more specifically ethanol.

Renewable energy alternatives discussed: Exploitation of ethanol- based commodities, solar power, geo-thermal energy, hydroelectricity and wind-power.

Non- renewable energy resources elaborated: Fossil fuels, such as gasoline, diesel, natural gas, and coal.


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Ms. Belt

Mr. Fitz Caluttung


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