Distributed Robotics: An Intelligent System
Malcolm Stagg
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Software Demonstration (RobotsDemo2D)

RobotsDemo2D Screenshot

C++ Visual Studio .NET program as part of the demonstration scenario. Simple physics are provided in a 2D environment where two robots navigate throughout the screen. Neural networks are created to allow one robot to learn from an "expert system" and one to learn from group-feedback. Results are gathered automatically in a CSV (comma delimited) file.

Neural Network VHDL Generator (NN_VHDL_Gen)

NN_VHDL_Gen Screenshot

Visual Studio .NET Visual Basic program to generate data for the FPGA Stochastic Neural Network. Writing a large neural network by hand in VHDL would be extremely time consuming, so this program generates the network based on input parameters. Data is also generated for global tanh, sech2, and stochastic signals, which are stored in RAM modules on the FPGA chip.

  • Form1.vb: Main form
    Adobe PDF (38 pgs, 235kB)

FPGA Stochastic Neural Network

VHDL Neural network program to demonstrate a working hardware neural network suitable for an FPGA prototype. Inputs are in the form of switches on the demo board, with a button for "learn" and "reset". A single output value is shown on a 7-segment display. Some of this code has been generated by my Neural Network VHDL Generator (above).

FPGA SMIA Camera Interface

VHDL program to interface with the SMIA camera. This sends the IIC data commands to set up the camera, and receives pixel data serially.

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