Science Fair Backdrop

Photo of my Regional Science Fair Backdrop, taken April 2007.

Hi, my name is Aseem Sharma. I am a grade 7 student at Greystone Heights Elementary School, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I have done an experimental project on ethanol. I named my project "Ethanol: Answer, or Question", because of the current debates about increasing the global production of ethanol as a fuel. We are not sure if ethanol is the answer to growing concerns about rising fuel prices, and environmental pollution, or another one of humanity’s environment damaging discoveries, like petrol.

My scientific question was; “How does ethanol as a fuel compare to today’s conventional fuels?” In a quest to find out the answer to my question, I designed three experiments to compare ethanol with gasoline and diesel in terms of fuel grade or burn duration, energy content (Btu) and emission levels. In the introduction section, I have also included a brief history of ethanol, and its use as a fuel, ethanol production methods, and the primary sources of ethanol.

I liked doing this project, because I love hands-on-learning. While conducting my experiemnts, I learned first hand, the difference in the amount of pollution emitted by our conventional fuels and ethanol. Since I wanted to learn about ethanol from the beginning of this project, I went on a tour of a ethanol production plant (Poundmaker Agventures Ltd) in Lanigan, Saskatchewan. From that tour, I learned exactly how ethanol is produced and that ethanol plants generate a valuable protein-rich cattle feed as a by-product. Through my own experiments and literature research, I also learned the ennvironmental impacts of uisng ethanol as a fuel, different blends of ethanol that can be used as fuels, vehicles that are specially designed to run on ethanol and so on. In conclusion, my project inspired me to learn about an area of science which I had never explored before!

I hope you will enjoy browsing through my website!

If you get stuck on a term, feel free to look at the Glossary section, where I have tried to define difficult terms mentioned in my project.