A Look at Global Warming
Canada's Involvement
Canada maybe suffering from global warming, but at the same time they are trying to help stop it. One scientist who is trying to make a difference is named Leonard Barrie. Barrie is an atmospheric scientist. He has really introduced more information about airborne pollution (science.ca team, 2007). He studied how acid rain is deposited, the effect of particles in the atmosphere, the where of Arctic pollution comes from including organic and metal contaminants, and ozone depletion. He also introduced aerosols on climate change (science.ca team, 2007). He is the leader of the discovery and investigation of an "ozone hole at the ground". Barrie was responsible for promoting and coordinating atmospheric chemistry research at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (science.ca team, 2007).

Another Canadian who is trying to make a difference is F. Kenneth Hare. He was a meteorologist for the British air ministry during World War II. In 1945 he moved to Canada. While working at McGill University in Montreal, Hare was earning his PhD as an arctic climatologist (science.ca team, 2007). For the next few years, Hare was professor and dean of arts and science at McGill University, the master of Birkbeck College at the University of London, the president of the University of British Columbia, Chancellor at Trent University, and professor at the University of Toronto (science.ca team, 2007). Hare has researched carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, climate change, drought, and arid zone climates. He really wants to fix up the planet so he is part of committees that against acid rain, desertification, heavy metals, nuclear reactors and waste products, ozone, greenhouse gases and climate change. Hare says that fossil fuels are the main reasons for global warming in Canada.
Taken From: Science.ca
Retreived April 23rd 2007
F. Kenneth Hare