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                    It is the tension  between creativity and skepticism that has produced the stunning and unexpected findings of science.     óCarl Sagan 

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 Enhancement of Antibiotic Action with 

        an Application of Ultrasound

Project Summary

Project Information:

Participants: Liz Meng and Victor Feng
School: Sir Winston Churchill High School, Calgary. AB
Team Size: 2
Grade Category: 10-12
Project Area: Biology                                                     
Project Type: Experimental
Language: English  
Hardware Used: Computer, Digital Camera
Software Used: Microsoft Front Page, Microsoft Word, 
Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop, and Canon PhotoLab
Facility: Biological Lab of University of Calgary (Dr. Storey).   Figure E.coli.[2]


 Source of the Idea for the project: Antibiotic resistance has developed into one of the threats that constantly hunt people. This topic has its research potential and significance. Furthermore, we are interested in cellular biology and infectious disease, such experiments would help us to explore into this field and improve our experimental skills.   
Special Skills: research skills, organization skills, scanning skills, and analyzing skills



Enhancement of Antibiotic Action with an Application of Ultrasound
by Liz Meng: lizmeng10@hotmail.com
Victor Feng: haovictor_feng@hotmail.com
Sir Winston Churchill High School, Calgary.AB