Link Between Wind & Power

Project Info

  • Virtual Science Fair Project 2007;
  • Student: Marinda Loubser;
  • Teachers: Linda Loubser and Angela Vanden Broek;
  • School: Vermilion School of Hope;
  • Awards: I won a Bronze Medal at Calgary Youth Science Fair 2007 for this project.

What is Wind Power?

Wind, or air in motion, is created because the sun heats up the earth. When the sunrays hit the surface of the earth it is heated. The air above land is heated faster than the air above the sea. The HOT air above land rises high into the sky where it COOLS down. High in the sky the COLD air now moves out over the sea. Here it sinks pressing down cool air toward land. The air moving towards land is what we know as wind. That means the sun makes the wind blow.

Did you know that wind can be used to make energy? And it is a renewable resource! But if the wind doesn’t blow you don’t get power, right? Wrong! The energy can be stored normally, using batteries. So if the wind doesn’t blow you still get the stored power. The energy in the wind has been used by humans for centuries to do services for us, for example:

  • Drying clothes or food
  • Transport using sailing ships
  • Wind surfers doing wind surfing sport
  • Wind chimes making music
  • Flying kites for fun

A wind turbine is the general name for the technology that uses the energy of the wind to turn the rotor of the turbine to make mechanical energy. The earliest wind turbines were used around 200 BC in Persia (Now called Iran). These turbines used sails mounted on a giant merry go round and were used for grinding grain. Vertical axis windmills were developed around the 10th century in the Mediterranean and the 13th Century in Europe. However today we use the wind turbines to make electricity.

How is Wind made?
Diagram 2: How is Wind made?