Wiliam Unruh (Bill Unruh) was born on August 28, 1945 at Winnipeg, Manitoba (Science.ca, 2001). With more than 5 awards to his name, this exceptional professor and physicist has contributed much to the knowledge of black holes (Science.ca, 2001). Bill Unruh is greatly acclaimed for the creation of the Unruh effect (Bill Unruh, Wikipedia). This theory states that if an observer is in the process of accelerating, he will observe black-body radiation, where as an immobilized observer would observe no such thing (Bill Unruh, Wikipedia). In other words, the man who is accelerating will find himself in a warm background, a hotter colour on a thermal reading scan which indicates hotter atmosphere around him (Bill Unruh, Wikipedia).
Bill Unruh’s main area of research in the field of astronomy is the study of black hole evaporation (Science.ca, 2001). This was a discovery first made by Stephen Hawking, which still remains a mystery to the societies of today (Science.ca, 2001). Bill Unruh also greatly deals with sonic black holes, which are artificially produced phenomena, which mimic the many principles and functions of black holes which suck in light. Yet sonic black holes are able to trap sound, which enables scientists to study the true characteristics of black holes, if there really are black holes somewhere out there in the universe.(Sonic Black Hole, Wikipedia)

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