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    Are the inks of the greens in Excel gum, M & M's, Sharpie markers, Wet Erase markers, Washable Crayola markers, and Highlighters mixtures of the same colors?



filter paper                                                                  Sharpie

large paper clips                                                      Highlighter              

water                                                                           Washable Marker

6 beakers of the same size                                    Wet Erase Marker

M & M's                                                                        Excel Gum



1) Gather three to six different substances that contain ink of the same color.

2) Cut the filter paper so that the pieces are exactly the same.

3) Take the large paper clips and straighten them.

4) Draw a straight line with one ink on a piece of filter paper. Make sure that the filter paper is kept clean and dry.

5) Repeat with the remaining inks.

6) Stick the paper clips through the top of the filter paper and hang the paper clips on the top of the beaker. If the filter paper touches the bottom, make it shorter.

7) Add water to your beaker so that just the tip of the filter paper is touching.

8) Watch, and write down your observations.

9) Take the filter paper out when the color is just about to the top of the filter paper, or when the color stops spreading.

10) Repeat this experiment to make sure that your observations are correct.