Can You Keep That Noise Down?



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Sound originates in the vibration of an object.






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The purpose of this project is to determine which common material will be most effective at soundproofing an area, determine if the area in which the sound is contained will have any effect on the intensity of the sound and to learn more about sound and soundproofing in general.  
I thought of this project while, at a store, I observed that acoustical ceiling tiles were used to insulate the cabinet of a paint mixer. I was surprised by how much this half-inch material silenced the sound. 
Soundproofing has many uses in our society today, for example in workplaces, theatres and homes. Many noise problems can be prevented by the use of effective soundproofing materials. 
So which common material, then, is most effective for soundproofing? For this experiment, common insulators tested include fiberglass insulation (R12), 1” corrugated foam, 0.5” acoustical ceiling tiles, and 1” rigid insulation.

By Scott Adams