Engineering a Cure for Diabetes

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Project Info

Name: David Wang
Grade Category: 10-12
School: A.B. Lucas Secondary School
Team Size: 1
Subject Area: Biology
Project Type: Experimental
Language: English
Source of Idea: While working in the summer at a lab at the University of Western Ontario, I became fascinated with diabetes and the immune system. I decided to research in-depth on Interleukin-13 and explore the possibility of using transgenic plants for oral therapy of type-1 diabetes.
Hardware Tools: Digital Camera, PCR machine, Lab Incubator + Shaker, UV photographer, and other basic lab instuments
Software Tools: Microsoft Word, Macromedia Dreamweaver 8, DNA Star
Special Skills: HTML, Extensive knowledge and lab experience in molecular biology
Summary: See Abstract

Awards won for the Project:
Pfizer Canada Award of Excellence, first prize in senior life science division, University of Western Ontario Summer Jobs, the Gamma-Dynacare and Faculty of Health Sciences Award, in the London District science fair. This project has also been selected to represent Ontario at the Canada Wide Science Fair as well as chosen by the Youth Science Foundation of Canada to be a member of Team Canada to participate at the Intel ISEF competition in Indianapolis in May, 2006.