This experiment explores how meditation, exercise, and sugar affect short-term memory (Click here for project information). You are on the homepage of the web site that is organized into eight sections. On the background page, you will find an introduction to the experiment. The next three sections are about the variables, exercise, meditation, and sugar. In these pages, you will find the methodology, results, and conclusions for each variable. Next, there are the overall conclusions, and the credits for the experiment. Please permit active content to properly view pages.


In this project, I am trying to find a correlation between meditation, the ingestion of sugar, and exercise with the improvement of short-term memory. My hypothesis is that meditation will positively affect short-term memory. This hypothesis was tested by an experiment that involved three groups of subjects. The subjects were given a memory test to test their short-term memory. The tests included meditating, ingesting sugar, and performing an exercise task before being given the memory test again. Then, I compared the results of the tests to determine if meditation helps short-term memory the best.


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