cartoon earth getting hot






Global warming is a very serious problem in our world today. You may have never thought about this but one day it can ruin our whole planet. Global warming is already affecting an area in the world, the Arctic ice cap. The ice is getting thinner and rupturing, temperatures are rising twice as fast, the sea is rising, and now the wild life in the Arctic is endangered too. All of this will affect us in one way or the other in the future.

You might be wondering, where is the Arctic ice cap. It’s where Santa Claus comes from. But the scientific answer to this question is that the arctic region lies in the north pole and some of the areas that are part of the region are Greenland, Baffin Island, Iceland, etc.

What the Arctic ice cap? Basically the Arctic ice cap is a thick, permanent covering of ice and snow on land. It was formed millions of years ago and has layers and layers of snow compressed on the land. If it melts, we will have beach erosion (no more beach vacations), coastal flooding (loss of homes), and contamination of fresh water supplies. That is only one part of the problem.

And the second part of the problem is that there is an increase in the global temperatures. The main cause is the shrinking ice cap, which is responsible for the rise in the temperatures. Because of that, the earth is absorbing more sunlight and is getting hotter by the day. Higher temperatures are affecting people, wild life, and landscapes across the Arctic region. All of this will make a very big imbalance in the ecosystem.

Our world is in trouble, and we need to wake up!

Map of the Arctic


By Deepali Prasad