Information Page

Grade Catagory: 7-9

Name: Matthew McPhalen

Team Size: 1

Subject Area: Health Science

Project Type: Experimental

Summary: I am a cello student. I decided to investigate to discover if I am exposed to average or peak sound levels which are damaging to my ears. I used a hand-held Lawson Davis sound level meter to test the sound levels reaching my ears in the various situations in which I play.

Software Tools: Web page software (Macromedia Dreamweaver Mx 2004), Microsoft Excel 2000.

Hardware Tools: A Lawson Davis sound level meter and calibrator, a digital camera and a digital tape recorder.

Source of the idea for my project: My mother, who assists me with my cello practice, mentioned that the sound levels sometimes seemed very high when I was practising in my bedroom. I decided to investigate further.

A description of the special skills used to build my project: None

Awards won for the project: None

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