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Hello and welcome to my website.  My name is Ben Mattison and I am a student at école Jules Quesnel.  For our yearly science fair,
I did a project on planes;  I researched how they fly and did an experiment on the how the different qualities of a plane would change how it would fly (see link "The Planes" for details on the qualities).  On this website I will show what I did for the experiment. 

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                                                                             Me at our Science Fair



Grade Category : 4 - 6 (6)

Team Size : 1 - 2 (1)

Subject Area : Engineering

Project Type : Experimental

Language : English

Summary of Project : Read top of "Home Page"

Software Used : Microsoft FrontPage, Internet Explorer (www.flamingtext.com).

Hardware Used : Computer, Digital Camera, Memory Stick (Lexar JumpDrive).

Special Skills : Brain

Awards Won : None (Yet!)

Source of Idea : My Mom asking me once when we were on a plane : "How do these things get up in the air?"

Link to VSF : http://www.virtualsciencefair.com

All buttons and headings taken from www.flamingtext.com

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