Salmon Farming

By:Amanda Cronkhite

salish salmon

Are farmed salmon safe or are they harmful? Could they cause you to get cancer or even die? Yes, you could get cancer as well as other sicknesses from eating farmed salmon and it also damages the environment. Salmon farming has been around in B.C. since the 1970’s and the increasing demand for salmon has caused the growth of aquaculture. Some of the reasons for starting aquaculture of salmon are to provide an increasing and steady supply of fresh salmon for everyone to eat and to decrease the energy costs for searching, catching and transporting salmon. Also, aquaculture provides salmon for export, it provides money for the government and provides jobs and economic stability for coastal communities.

Many of the salmon sold are farmed Atlantic salmon.

Good things in farmed and wild salmon: Bad things in farmed salmon:
PBC’s (polychlorinated biphenyl – toxic industrial waste)
Omega-3 fats, which protects you against heart attacks Drugs and many other contaminants
They are both very delicious  

Salmon farming is a very serious issue everywhere in the world, including B.C. Read on to find out more.




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