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As tennis players seemingly effortlessly pound the ball into their opponents' courts, a superficial glimpse at the sport reveals little apparent application of science and technology. However at a more comprehensive examination of any sport, athletes, coaches, event organizers, journalists and equipment manufacturers realize the immense depth of science and technology that exists. In fact, the spectrum of sciences affiliated with tennis is so broad that six major branches of science can be covered: physiology, medicine, biomechanics, psychology, engineering and technology. Physiology provides athletes with information crucial to their physical health in the heat of competition. Sports medicine is essential to athletes in light of high chances of injury in today’s fast-paced rallies. Medical research in performance enhancers provides more accurate information in regards to the controversial issue of doping for event organizers, which is important with the Olympic Games approaching ever so quickly. Biomechanics allow coaches to direct athletes to use energy in the most efficient and injury-free ways. Psychological training allows athletes to play their best as they learn to concentrate their mental energy. Engineering allows equipment manufacturers to create cutting-edge innovations. Technology in scorekeeping and line calls may decrease the number of disputes between players and event officials. Through comprehension of the science of tennis, this website is dedicated to providing an explanation to the problem, "How are internal and environmental factors decisive to the performance of a tennis player?"

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