pH Level Tests
    As we researched shampoo, we came across the term pH level a lot and how this term effects the shampoo. So we decided to find out whether shampoos have different pH levels. 
  We initially tried this experiment with litmus paper but the results were difficult to use based on the indicators labels given on the bottle.

Lowest pH Level - We feel that Exact will be the lowest for the pH levels because it is so cheap and therefore it must not have that high of a quality.
Highest pH Level - We weren't quite sure what to think for the highest because the other shampoos seemed to look as though they work quite well. So were just going to take a shot in the blue and say Dove Beautifully Clean.

For this experiment we used:
    -Shampoo samples of:
        -Vive Smooth Intense
        -Dove Beautifully Clean
        -Garnier Fructis
        -Exact for Normal Hair
        -Head and Shoulders
        -Herbal Essences
    -pH Meter

(First we tested with litmus paper but the results were difficult to read so we switched to a pH meter for our second experiment)
1. First we took some samples out of the shampoo bottles.
2. We placed the pH meter into the sample of shampoo and held it there for about a minute or until the reading stayed constant.

    Just remember that a good shampoo is normally between 5 and 7 on the pH scale but a shampoo between 4 and 9 is also quite acceptable. Also keep in mind that below 7 is acidic and the closer the result is to 0 the more acidic it is.
Exact for Normal Hair- 8.52 (highest)
Vive Smooth Intense- 6.29 
Herbal Essences- 6.08
Head and Shoulders- 6.00
Dove Beautifully Clean- 5.48
Garnier Fructis- 3.41  (lowest)

»Our results completely blew us away!«
    Exact was the complete opposite of our original guess. After further research we discovered that cheaper shampoos can be on either end of the pH spectrum if they have not been specially formulated.
    As well Garnier Fructis' result threw us off and we discovered that the shampoo has a large amount of fruit in it, (as the name would suggest) making the acid levels higher .

    We were quite puzzled by the result for Head & Shoulders considering that this was the dandruff shampoos and they are specially formulated to get rid of the flaking bits so it has to be harsher than regular shampoos in order for it to work. However Head & Shoulders is pH balanced.
    All of the other shampoos were right in our estimated targeted area.

Sources of Error
   We used a pH meter for this experiment. And while it is more reliable than litmus paper we still had some difficulty using it. As well it was rather difficult to clean, so some of the results from one shampoo might be crossed with another as of the fact that some shampoo might have been leftover on the instrument.