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If you want more info on diabetes type 1, you can check the Canadian diabetes association site at to be able to become the professional of diabetes! If you have any questions you can email us at or If you have a friend that has diabetes, we recommend your friend to go to camp kakamala at Elphinstone camp ground. To find out about this camp, please email Celeste on how to register and be a part of a great life-changing camp that will let your friend or your child meet people of all ages that have diabetes. It will also make him or her more independent and make them learn a ton of important things of diabetes.

Teacher Number: 116
School Name: Jules Quesnel
Team Size: 

1 or 2
Grade Category: 4-6 
ProjectType: Descriptive
Subject Area: Health 
Language: English 
Team Captain First Name: Rachael
Team Captain Last Name: Smith
Other Team Members: Celeste Lunsford
Team Email Contact:
Project Title: Diabetes Type 1