Blood Sugars

Blood sugars come from the food you eat. It could be anything you can think of, bread to fruit they all turn into blood sugars. When you have diabetes, you have to test your blood sugars. To do that, you use a glucometer. First, you prick one of your fingers and then you put the blood in the test strip so that the glucometer would be able to read how much sugar is in your blood. To know that your blood sugars are good, the glucometer has to show numbers between 4 and 7. If its too high, you go into ketoasidosis. It happens when your body doesnt have enough insulin and then it can't burn the blood sugar so that it would burn your muscle. If its too low, you would have a seizure. When you have a seizure, it can cause you to loose many brain cells.  

There is a glucometer (bottom right), a pricker (top) and a bottle                  

of test strips (bottom left). 


   Celeste is pricking her finger with the pricker...
She is putting the blood into the glucometer...     And now you see the level of her blood sugar!

And now we are recording the blood sugar levels.