Welcome to our diabetes web site. On this site you will learn all about diabetes type 1. Diabetes type one is a disease when your pancreas ( a little organ close to your stomach) stops  producing insulin. Insulin is a liquid substance that helps absorb your blood sugar. Blood sugar is the sugar that is in your blood, it comes from the food that you eat. Everything you eat turns into sugar...from starch to fruit it all turns into sugar! When you have diabetes you have to be on a strict diet...NO MORE SUGAR!! Just kidding, you are allowed to have sugar, just not a lot of it. You are are allowed to have up to two sugar choices a day (which is not a lot). The normal blood sugar is between four and seven. If your blood sugar is too high it can cause you to have problems when you are older, like poor eye sight, bad hearing and even not being able to walk!! But if your blood sugar is to low it can cause you to lose brain cells (that never grow back) and to have seizures. Go to our links and you can learn more about insulin, blood sugars and even the symptoms of diabetes type one!!

Celeste and Rachael!