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Effects of Tsunamis


- 1946 - tsunami killed 165 people in Hawaii/Alaska, resulted in creation of tsunami warning system

- 1960 Chile strongest quake ever recorded (magnitude 9.5) off coast of south central Chile, one of the most destructive tsunamis of the 20th century. waves measured up to 25 metres high. tsunami hit Onagawa, Japan 22 hrs after the quake with waves 3 m above the tide. killed about (estimation) 2290 people.

- 1964 - good friday - magnitude 9.2 quake, tsunamis struck Alaska, d killed 122 people. tsunamis were up to 6 m tall.

- 2004 - Indian ocean - magnitude 9.2 quake triggered a lethal series of tsunamis on December 26, killed over 310,000 people (over 220,000 in Indonesia alone), deadliest tsunami in recorded history, killed people in Indonesia/Thailand all the way to India, Bangladesh (several thousand kms away) and even as far as eastern Africa (Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania). over $600M was raised to help the victims. unlike the pacific ocean, there is no alert system covering the Indian ocean. there had not been a tsunami there since the krakatoa volcanic eruption tsunami in 1883. UNESCO and other world bodies have called for a global tsunami monitoring system.

Flooded coast in Thailand

Palm trees in Thailand are almost submerged in water on December 26th, 2004.


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