Did you know that 1.5 billion people in the world use cell phones, and each minute that you are talking, more and more radiation is getting absorbed into your head? A large percentage of those people are kids. Kids have a greater risk of damaging cells with radiation. This is because the cell phone is placed so close to the head. Should children be exposed to such danger?   How often we use cell phones.
This picture shows how often we us cell phones


The cell phone is just an advanced version of a walkie talkie. They are both used to contact people. The cell phone has been used for over sixty years. It is very important to our everyday lives.

The cell phone works by a radio signal. Your phone either runs on an analog or a digital signal. An analog signal is usually an older phone. It works by carrying your voice on a continued wave. A digital signal is from newer digital phones. It compresses your voice into short pulsed signals. The older your phone is, the more radiation there is.

The type of radiatioin your phone emits is Non Ionizing radiation. Though it is harmful, it isn't as harmful as Ionizing Radiation.

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