Bullying in Our Society

    Many have asked the same question: what is bullying? Bullying can be described as negative verbal and/or physical actions that hurt or cause stress to others. Physical violence involves violence. This includes hitting the victim or damaging the victimís property. Physical bullies are aggressive and as they get older, their attacks become more violent. Verbal bullies use words to hurt the victim. Verbal bullying may be name-calling, insults, unfriendly comments, and teasing. Verbal bullying is quick, right to the point, and leaves invisible scars that may not be healed.

    Bullying is usually repeated numerously overtime. Research has shown that every seven minutes, someone is being bullied on the playground; and every twenty-five minutes in class. Bullying makes the victim slowly lose self-confidence and power, to a point where they can no longer defend themselves.

    Bullies bully so that they feel they are in control. The bullies are self-centered and have no feelings for others. Bullies usually have greater aggressive behavior patterns than the average children. Most bullies were raised in a home where violent actions are tolerated or even modeled. By age twenty-four, almost two thirds of bullies that have been identified have a criminal conviction.

Need more information? Here's some more facts of bullying.

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