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Welcome to my site!

My name is Joey Glazer and I am 11 years old in grade 6 at Jules Quesnel immersion.  Our school had an science fair on February 23rd.   My website is about seed germination and how light effects it's growth.  You can navigate through my site by the links above and find project information below.  I have put lots of effort into my website and I hope you like it.  Enjoy!

Project Info:
Project Abstract:

  I will plant four different varieties of seeds (tomatoes, beans,  lettuce, basil) and give one set of seeds light and one set no light.

Grade Category:  4-6  
School Name:  Jules Quesnel
Team Size:

 1 or 2

Subject Area:  Biology   
Project Type:  Experimental
Language:  English  
Hardware tools:  Digital Camera
Source of idea:  My family
Team Captain First Name:  Joey
Team Captain Last Name:  Glazer
Project Title:  The Effect of light on seed germination
Software tools used:  Microsoft Front Page
Special skills:  Web Design

Awards won for project:  



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