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 Marcus Erlandson
  Theo Litowski

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The age of the gene has begun. The time is ripe for the modification of the genetic code of organisms, and many benefits and risks are inherit to such a procedure. One such incident in the not-so-distant past is the science and agricultural communities' encounter with Bt, or Bacillus thuringiensis. In our efforts to make a pest-resistant crop, we seemed to hurt another non-target species. This project will focus on the development of Bt as a viable option for pest prevention, as well as the newly unearthed danger that Bt poses to the Monarch butterfly population. The links at the side will guide you to the various locations that our site has been divided in to.

This site was created for the 2005 Canada-Wide Virtual Science Fair

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Source for Idea

When this research project began, the original intent was to examine the nature of genetically modified crops. As any researcher knows, one cannot research a topic so broad and all-encompassing as GMOs. Thus, as information came to light, the topic was narrowed significantly. Bt, at the time, was an acute issue being presented to the scientific community.

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Marcus Erlandson & Theo Litowski