Mysteries of Color

Edward Choi

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  Test 1

What numbers do you see revealed in the patterns of dots below?

The police gave each of the 134 people at the scene a colorblind test and made them fill out this form:

Colorblind test:

Name: ___________________________   Hmrm: _________ Age: __________

Fill in the numbers you see in the following boxes:













Please donít share your answers with other people so the test are completely accurate.

(I got the website from 


  Test 1 was just a basic 6 picture test to see if people were colorblind or not. I tested 56 females and 77 males, 134 people in total and here are the percentages of females and males color deficient:    



  Of the people who got it right, here is a sample of 10 that tells how many out of the 6 they got correct.

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