Mysteries of Color

Edward Choi

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Project Info

Grade Category: 7-9

Team Size: 1

Subject Area: Biology

Project Type: Experimental

Language: English

Summary of Project:  I am doing a colorblind project. I am collecting data by doing experiments on color deficient people. It is a 4 step process to prove ways to improve the ability to differentiate colors and the causes and effects.

Description of software tools used: Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Word and Photoshop 7.0

Mention of hardware tools used: Digital Camera, Scanner and Computer

Mention of source and idea of project: My mother's side of the family has colorblindness, so I thought it would be an interesting project for me to research upon.

Description of Special Skills: Webpage making with FrontPage

Listing of any awards won with this project: Gold Medal at Calgary Youth Science Fair, Lafarge Science, Technology and Society Award and Alberta Association of Optometrist Award.

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