Mysteries of Color

Edward Choi

Case 1


Colorblindness. What do you think of when you hear the word colorblindness? Most people would interpret this as seeing a dull world of black and white. This misinterpretation definitely sets people off on the wrong foot. Colorblindness, the common term for color deficiency, refers to the people who cannot differentiate colors distinctively.

  In this website, you will experience 10 different cases of colorblindness. You will walk through and experience the wonders of color and the misfortunes of color deficiency.


Your Journey Begins:

    Three weeks ago, a murder took place on November 28th, 1985. Mr. Jones' body was found in the morgue. The police and the investigator searched the scene. Shortly after, a paramedic and doctor arrived.

  They brought the body to the nearest hospital to do tests and operations; however, nothing was discovered. The doctors, puzzled from the mysterious death of Mr. Jones, declared him dead. Mr. Jones' best friend soon arrived to take him to the morgue.

  His best friend remembered all the great achievements Mr. Jones completed in his life, including scientific research in the Amazon; the time when he helped operate the nuclear power plant; and the time when he won a drag race. Mr. Jones' best friend sat beside his grave and listened to the eulogist talk about the great man Mr. Jones was.

  At the end of his speech, he talked about how Mr. Jones was always an anti-colorblind person, who was against colorblind people. This was the end of Mr. Jones' beautiful soul.

  You are a juror, and out of the 134 people that Mr. Jones' had seen in the last moments in his life, you will listen to the 10 suspected cases explain their story to you. It is YOUR job to decide who had killed Mr. Jones.

  Your mission is to decipher who the culprit is. Mr. Jones was a very stubborn man who believed that colorblindness was bad, because of this all 10 cases are colorblind subjects. The first test done in this investigation was a basic 6 plate test to see if the people who saw Mr. Jones were colorblind or not.

  To start your mission click on case 1 above. Go through each of the cases and examine each case carefully. You can always go back to re-visit them, but do the cases in order from 1-10. To read more about how the investigation works, click here.

  After you have read all 10 cases and made your decision as a juror. Click on here to find out what really happened to Mr. Jones.

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