Hello! My name is Sophia Visanji and I am a High School student, so as you can guess, cell phones is a "hot topic" that has become a natural part of my everyday lifestyle.  Whether I am using a cell phone myself, waiting for one of my friends to make a call, or am rudely disturbed in biology class by someone's cell phone accidentally ringing in the middle of class, the cellular phone is a technological device that has become a standard part of our society.  However, the ultimate question is, are these innocuous gadgets really harmless?

For years now, millions of individuals across the world have been using the handheld, portable  phone most commonly referred to as the cell phone.  The use of cellular telephones has increased rapidly during the late 1990s.  Millions of people in the United States and around the world use cellular phones.  With a cell phone, you can talk to anyone on the planet from just about anywhere!  These days, cell phones provide an incredible array of functions, and new ones are being added at a breakneck pace. Depending on the cell-phone model, you can:

  • - Store contact information

  • - Make task or to-do lists

  • - Keep track of appointments and set reminders

  • - Use the built-in calculator for simple math

  • - Send or receive e-mail

  • - Get information (news, entertainment, stock quotes) from the Internet

  • - Play simple games

  • - Integrate other devices such as PDAs, MP3 players and GPS receivers

Newer wireless communication technologies also employ hand-held transceivers. These include specialized mobile radio (SMR) and personal communications services (PCS), which are also cellular wireless systems. The number of cellular phone users world-wide is estimated to reach 500 million by the year 2001 and 700 million by the year 2003.Whether this new technology is a beneficial device that is necessary in order for us to live our busy lives in a more efficient manner or whether it is just a distraction that is potentially harmful to our health and lives, continues to puzzle me. Whether there is an answer to this puzzling question I am still not sure, however I wish to provide you with an appropriate amount of information so that you may be able to make an individual judgment call by yourselves!

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