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Healthy Eating habits - healthy Life Style
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Healthy Eating Habits

  • Canadian Food Guide-1 ...(1) Canadian Food Guide-2 ...(2)...Click on the reduced images on the left to view Canadian Food Guide.
  • Follow Canadian Food Guide to plan your meals.
  • Prefer broiling than pan-frying meats like hamburgers, chops and steak.
  • Remove solidified fat from the top of soups and gravy.
  • Make moderate use of cream of any soup as they contain more fat.
  • Drain off excess fat from cooked food.
  • Use lean or extra lean meat in diet.
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains like oats, barley to name a few. They provide a good combination of soluble and insoluble fibers.
  • Lentils and beans are good source of Protein and soluble fibers.
     ...(3)...Legumes-1  ...(4)...Legumes-2  ...(5)...Beans and Lentils
  • Try Whole grain products such as whole grain bread.
  • Whole Grain Bread...(6)
  • High calorie items such chocolates and ice creams can be a treat, once a while.
  • Drink 8 full glasses of water, clear fluid every day.
  • Read the food labels carefully to get the information on the amount of good and/or bas fat that food product contains.
    Click on the image, on the right, to view a components of food label.
  • Sample Food Label...(7)
  • Words like "Hydrogenated" or "Partially Hydrogenated " in the list of ingredients printed on the food product would remind us about the Trans fat in that food item.
  • Cook with olive oil or any other vegetable oil which is largely unsaturated.
  • Use tub or soft margarine instead of stick margarine. Stick margarine contains more saturated and/or Trans Fat.
  • Avoid or make moderate use of processed food such as cookies, baked food, pastries, dough nuts etc and fired/fast food such as French Fries, Ham Burgers, Fish chips to name a few. These items contain hydrogenated and/or partially hydrogenated oils. These oils are the sources of Trans Fat.
  • Limit the consumption of meat and high fat dairy products.
  • Use milk with 1% or less fat. Use cheese with least milk fat.
  • Make sure that total fat intake does not exceed 30% of total calorie intake.

Healthy life style

 Excercise-1   Physical activities in day-to-day's life:
  • Reduce stress
  • Strengthen heart, lungs and muscles
  • Helps in lowering blood sugars and cholesterol levels.
  • Help to achieve and maintain healthy body weight
  • Improves quality of life
  • Saves on health care expenditure, lost tax revenue
  •  Excercise-2
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