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I wondered, why do people talk about the amount of FAT in human diet?

Very recently my mother started telling me to eat French Fries, my favorite food, in a moderate quantity. She told me that it contains TRANS FAT. This kind of FAT is not good to health. I started to read about TRANS FAT and other kinds of FAT. I gathered a lot of information. I also realized that this subject is vast and very deep. Day-in and day-out we are getting tons of information. I have tried to arranged the information as basic as I have understood it.

...Why do we have to be concerned about the TRANS FAT?
Image source: http://www.analyzing-weight-loss.com/facts.html
...Why SATURATED FATs are to be taken in moderate quantity?
Image source: http://www.nismat.org/hot/highfat.html

The research began.Then I realized that not all FATs are bad to our health. It is the amount of FAT we consume on daily basis and the kind of physical activities we carry out every day matters a lot. .... The links at the top of the page will show you what I found out in my investigation.

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