Dietary Fat.... The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Abstract Interesting facts on Dietary FAT Chemistry of FAT molecules Types of FAT Importance of FAT
Cholesterol Know Your Numbers Healthy Habits At a Glance Bibliography/Acknowledgement To VSF Server obesity.htm

Source: obesity.htm
Hi, My name is Nandini Thogarapalli.
I am a grade four student at Dr. E.W. Coffin School,Calgary, AB
Here's a standard, experimental science project, a journey made through a wonderful world of delicious food that we enjoy eating. such as

Natural Food
Home made Food
Commercially Processed Food

I have gathered facts on the FAT we consume through our daily diets.
How Good or Bad are the effects of Fat on US ??
I have collected tips on healthy eating habits and healthy life style
...A road-map to GOOD HEALTH !!!

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