Development of an Embedded 3D Object Visual System
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In the project this year, I have made significant progress from my previous project. Last year, I focused mainly on methods of edge detection and tried one method of non-maximal suppression. However none of the microcontroller systems worked at all last year, and the computer system was not nearly capable of making 3D calculations.

Just recently, in fact, I've been able to get vectorization to begin to work in the circuit. I've had it, along with the 3D conversion, working on the computer for several months.

Because of recurring problems I had with the breadboard circuits (wires popping out, stray capacitance, shorts, and loose connections), I decided that creating circuit boards was the way to go. I've created a system of 7circuit boards, each connected by parallel ports, which each play a part in the creation of the 3D object model.

The first board I attempted to make myself, but with limited success. The other boards have been generously manufactured by Alberta Printed Circuits at no charge.

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