Development of an Embedded 3D Object Visual System
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There are a huge number of applications where a system like this could be used for, when it is fully optimized and constructed. One such application could be for the military. In the past, there have been some excellent missiles which are guided by 2D terrain images. If this was extended with a system such as this to 3D, it would have incredible capabilities

Existing terrain-guided missiles

The main application I was looking at during the construction of the electronics though was a basic robotic device. Such a device could be extended to be capable of finding an object and where it is in a scene, adding to a virtual model of an object, and recognizing what an object actually is.

A robotic device with those capabilities could certainly be of help to someone who is blind – to help them locate objects and warn of obstacles.

In the future, I would like to extend this project possibly into the fields of motion and sound, as well as object recognition.

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