It can be said that road salt is a necessary evilÖor is it? There is a need for an alternative, a biotic alternative with an exothermic reaction that is able to decompose. What should be used is something user, economic and environmentally friendly.

Due to the harsh winters in Nova Scotia, the roads and environment throughout our province have been severely beaten by the heavy use of road salt. As many people may know, salt corrodes our roads but at the same time they forget there are effects on plant life up to 80m from multilane highways. Sodium chloride kills roadside vegetation especially maple trees and at the same time birds are dying from salt overdose. The damage from road salt extends beyond damage to biotic life, the chemicals also seem into our drinking water. Although it is said road salt isnít harmful to human life 66 deaths in the United States were all in areas where road salt was heavily used. An alternative to road salt, even though it said not to have one, can be used.

Our project will consist of experimenting with organic substances that produce an exothermic reaction. Exothermic reactions are already being used in our society for convenience, for example arthritis which uses capsasin in creams to relieve the pain. The relief can be seen as a sensation but irritation of the skin shows otherwise.