Project Facts:

Authors: Candace Pike & Chantal Callaghan
Grade Grouping: grades 10-12
Subject Area: Mathematics
Project Type: Experimental
Project Level: Advanced
Awards: 1st place (Senior Life Science category) in Renfrew County Regional Science Fair, 2003 Pfizer Canada Minister's Award of Excellence (Best in Fair), Matthew Helfrety Memorial Award..  Our project will also be representing Renfrew County at the 2003 Canada-Wide Science Fair.

Website Facts:

Format: Traditional Website
Hardware Used: Microtek C3 Scanner
Software Used: - Netscape Composer 7.0, Microsoft FrontPage
                        - Ulead PhotoImpact 8
                        - Microsoft Paint

Project Summary:

Our project, Mathematics & Logic: A Study in Color, was designed to test the effects of color on the brain's ability to complete mathematical and logical problems.  We were both interested in this subject because, as students, this is a subject that affects our everyday lives and we have both also been interested in careers in teaching.  We predicted that violet, the highest frequency color of the spectrum, would produce higher results than lower frequency colors.  To test our hypothesis we conducted an experiment which consisted of similar tests in 7 colors (white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet) being taken by 87 volunteers to determine which color would score highest.  Through our experiment our hypothesis was confirmed.  With further research, we were able to conclude that violet produced the highest results because it's high frequency allowed the brain to process the information presented on the tests more quickly and efficiently.