Grade Grouping: 10-12
Team Size: 1
Subject Area: Physics
Project Type: Experimental
Project Level: Advanced
Project Format: Traditional
See introduction for more project info.

big green jar
A Universe In a Jar
flashing eliptical orbit
For my project, I have created a computer program to simulate Newtonian physics. A virtually unlimited number of objects, representing bodies of matter can be placed throughout the computer screen. The mass, and initial velocity of each object, as well as the laws of physics, such as universal gravitational constant, and friction levels etcetera, can all be adjusted, making a wide variety of experiments possible. Once the settings are complete, the simulation may be started, and the objects will move and interact with each other as dictated by the laws of physics. This website is intended to explain in detail how the program works, how the program was created, and the uses of it. The program itself is available for download.


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