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Chernobyl. 1986. The world’s worst nuclear accident. It was portrayed as a minor event or a cataclysmic event in nuclear society, at least to the media. The media never exposed with nuclear technology and depicted a confusing image. Much of the coverage at best, was at some form of bias, either pro-nuclear propaganda or anti-nuclear suspicion. The truth was passed on from the few people who had a full understanding of what really occurred.

To this day, the majority of the world is still unclear of nuclear technology. They suffer from much of the propaganda or mistrust that the media has instilled upon them through many of the nuclear incidents, such as Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Hiroshima.

This website is neither strongly pro-nuclear nor strongly anti-nuclear. Many of the articles written debate on the benefits or the disadvantages of nuclear technology. The advantages are clearly seen, as are the disadvantages, the danger as vivid as the benefits. From one’s perspective, sitting on the sturdily upon the fence will provide the best of the two accounts.

The sharing of this balanced view was the inspiration of this website, uncolored by any bias, and much more accurate than much of the media coverage.

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